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Dr. Sunil Mani Pokhrel
Gyano / Obs

Senior Consultant Gyanecologist
Sun-Fri 10 AM To 3 PM

senior Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr. Nirmala Laxi Shreshta
Gyano / Obs

senior Consultant Gynaecologist

Sunday to Friday 10 am To 3 pm

Dr.Ram Prasad Sapkota
Gyano / Obs

Consultant Gyanocologist

Dr.Mabindra Shrestha
Gyano / Obs

Medical Officer

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  • Address:
    Bharatpur, Chitwan
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Phone: 056-520111
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  • Liladhar Poudel
    Information Officer
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  • Er.Chandramani Bashyal
    IT Officer